13 April, 2011


We've been having a lot of fun at 4am these past few days.

Our cheerio princess watching "Shaun the Sheep" in the middle of the night with her sleepy parents and pup.
She sips her tea and blows on it... how did she pick these things up?

Here's a clip just to show you a head spinning performance by our funny girl...

We can not get enough of her!

Today we were initiated - as parents, we woke up earlier to get to an appointment and were headed down the highway while our daughter cried in the backseat. We thought it might be that her mirror had slid down so she couldn't see us, so Cody pulled over to fix it and started back on our way but she kept crying... but we could watch her now, just in time too because she then vomited everywhere. (I can not handle vomit but I somehow did) We pulled over again and cleaned her up the best we could. Poor darling was sick and now wet and so we turned around and headed home. I started her a bath and stripped off those soaked clothes and diaper and wouldn't you know it, she peed... all over the bathroom floor. HA! I know all our friends with children have similar stories, it's just never happened to us (: until today.


  1. aw, what a little sweetie Mae is. Welcome to mommyhood!

  2. For sure you have been initiated! Poor little girl. I'm right there with you I can't handle the puke but with your own kids its a little different you can do it. Hope Mae is feeling better and you all get some good rest.

  3. hope everyone gets some good rest , I'm sorry she wasn't feeling good..... I know how you feel believe me!

    She's a sweetheart!

  4. Yep, definitely initiated :) Welcome to the club! Glad she is better and so glad we got to meet her today, she is just precious!!


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