23 May, 2013

Last Day of School

 So today was Mae's last day of school and I am so sad to say goodbye to her first teachers... 
Ms. Susan & Ms. Ansley.  

These women have blessed us with so much since we started Mae in January.  Mae was the only one in her class to come in at the middle of the year.  She started off very timid and never spoke during class and now she is completely comfortable to be herself.  We saw Mae grow up a lot, and being in her school environment forced her to be a little more independent and grow some confidence away from us.  On Tuesday we had her class party at Webb Bridge park and celebrated these two amazing women that have shown all of our kids so much love.
I got Mae to paint the thank you cards for her teachers.  She loved her artful contribution... and I stumbled upon another fun activity that I can have her do while I shower and get ready for the day. yay!

I am always looking for cute gift ideas, so I thought I'd share what I came up with... a monogrammed tea towel and I found these cute planters with soil and seeds to grow herbs. I thought it was different. I'd love to hear if anyone has other cute ideas! Please Do Share.

So here's my grown up three year old—off to her LAST day. sniff, sniff I had a lump in my throat dropping her off this morning.  This was our first, last day (I know we will have many, many more!) It also means this was my last Thursday that I enjoyed a day alone, while she was at school. 

Things aren't going to be the same next year (:  

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