06 April, 2015


I absolutely love Easter... and having children makes the day even more special. Mae really knows why we celebrate this day. She has such a sweet way of telling the story of how much God loves us all. She is full of questions about sin, angels and the holy spirit. It is amazing to watch her come to understand all these concepts and challenging to explain them to a five year old!


They love getting their basket and this year I specifically tried to eliminate the little items that get lost under the couch and get them Christian books, a devotional book for Mae and a Boz DVD (if you don't know about Boz, he is phenomenal!! LOOK IT UP)
 We had a picnic and then an Easter egg hunt.

Mae pointed out all the eggs to Ian and Jovie instead of rushing around to get them for herself. She is such an awesome big sister.

 Their eggs were filled with yummy jelly beans.

 This may be my favorite picture of them.
I love these three little ones with all of my heart!


  1. Hi Kristen! Love your blog!!! So sweet and creative! I was wondering if you would mind sending me a PDF copy of your baby Dino? I have tried a few other ones but the templates aren't very good. It would be much appreciated !!


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