28 February, 2015


This child has a love of all things girly. She stands next to me in the bathroom, observing me while I put on my make-up, waiting expectantly for me to brush a little eye shadow or lip color on her. She always asks if she can have some and even if it is the faintest, pale color it always makes her beam with delight.

I used to think all little girls were like this, but that just isn't the case. Jovie Ming has learned to like girly things emulating her big sister... but I know without Mae's urging, Jovie would never wear a tutu or care about glitter and glam.

So a few weeks ago, I asked Mae if she would like to practice putting on my lipstick. How precious it is seeing her completely light up over such a small thing. Red lipstick.  So blessed to witness her sweet fascination with an experience that I sometimes take for granted.

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