31 March, 2015

Mae's Famiversary

Saturday was the anniversary of a special day... fours year ago I was given the great honor of becoming a mother. It is a hard job, as you know, but one that I just can not imagine not having. I really didn't have a clue how much this one day could totally change our lives. Being a mother has taught me more of who I am as a person, the good and the bad. I have had to be stronger than I ever knew I could be, I've had to push out selfishness, to make room for sacrifice, and I daily wear my heart on my sleeve. My heart surges with love for my three children—it's powerful. I love them with every fiber of my being... I still can't believe we get to be parents of these treasures.

 So on Saturday, all I could think about is the day we first met our Mae, and how truly blessed we are to know her as our own. She is so full of joy, is incredibly creative, funny as all get out, and is a leader of all the silly games that go on in our house. I am so excited to be on the front row to her life story. God writes the most beautiful stories.

 It is our family's tradition to send off a lantern on their "gotcha day" as it's called (we like to call it a famiversary). It was an absolutely a gorgeous evening to celebrate.

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