30 October, 2016

We Made It to Tokyo!!

Our day began at 4:30am Saturday morning, we flew to LAX (5 hour flight, 2 hour lay over) and then we flew to Tokyo (12 hour flight). You know you are on a long flight when they pass out slippers and eye masks.

We landed and found our hotel!!  We are right in the heart of the big city. There is a Starbucks and  Krispy Kreme directly next to our hotel... and within walking distance we have everything else! So far a couple of things that we've noticed about Japan : I will bet money there isn't a cleaner place. Everything is immaculate and orderly. Smoking on the sidewalk is a punishable offense. People are dressed up and very fashionable.... and it seems that there are couples holding hands and wearing a smiles at every turn.

So first night in Tokyo, last sleep before baby Kenta!! We are so sleep deprived!! We hope we will get adequate sleep tonight!  The Nanny and guide will be at our room sometime between 11:30-12 tomorrow, (Monday here, 10:30pm Sunday night your time.)


The view from our room is spectacular!

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