21 September, 2010

Care Package

You can see the care package we are sending for Mae above. We chose to send her the panda that is a little larger (she won't get both), stacking cups, disney princess blanket, camera, a soft photo album (we gave 10 photos for her, so she will get to know our faces, her grandparents, her auntie and uncle and even her brothers blaze and griffin) and candy's for the nannies that take care of her. Also, she will get a pretty little cake that will be shared with the other children in her room and the nannies. This is what we *hope* we will get pictures of... please pray that the nannies do decide to give us new photographs of her.

A wonderful woman in China purchased these things for us so that we could get these things to Mae much sooner. Angela has dedicated herself to helping adoptive families ( LadyBugs nLove.com) We can not thank her enough for her amazing help with this!

Just now we got more news!! We just received our appointment to get our finger prints taken, so that we will get the last piece of paperwork needed for China- this is GREAT news.

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