29 September, 2010

Yep, we have more!

We have found the momma of the little girl on the right. She had our Mae in her photos! We are so tickled to have found each other and share these, our girls are in just about every photo together.

Just look at those toes! I can't wait to kiss that sweet baby!!

Look at that dumplin in the corner! Do you see this sweet baby crawling!? I LOVE the one of her looking up at the other kid. She is such a darling. These photos were taken just a couple of weeks ago, on September 10th.

Here's our girl again in the bottom corner, chewing on a toy... just a snippet but I'll take it! The little entertainer is named Zoie and she's going to meet her forever family in November! I am very excited to keep up with her momma as they go to China.

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