13 October, 2010

God has BIG plans

Yesterday was a very hard day for Cody and me... we sold our beloved letterpress shop. Those of you that know us understand that we have poured so much love into our little business and know how upsetting yesterday was. We know that this decision was what we had to do... we can not keep operating our print shop, knowing that the time we spend there would be time away from Mae. I never thought my heart would change to understand this kind of love and sacrifice... but I am glad that it has.

We planned to have a date night last night, to distract us from the bad day and be together. Cody got home from moving the presses out at about 5:00 and jumped in the shower. I heard our mailman so I went to get the mail... (which was extremely late) and I tore up the stairs yelling for Cody. We GOT OUR I-797! We GOT OUR I-797! (This is referred to as the "Golden Ticket"... it is approval from the United States to adopt a child from China.) Let me be frank, this was not a coincidence. This was a gift from our Father... HE delivered this message that HE has this all in HIS hands. HE HAS A PLAN - AND WHAT A BIG ONE IT IS! Our I-797 is said to take up to 90 days and we received ours in 40 days... on this bad day, our Father wanted to show us HE cared. Our day doesn't seem so bad anymore. (: CELEBRATE!

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  1. Just read this new post . . . Now with tears flowing down my face. Little does sweet Mae know that her story is written out beautifully enough that it will bring many tears of joy & hope to people forever. What an awesome reminder that we are never alone and never forgotten because His story for us is perfectly written. So excited for all THRESS of you!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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