01 December, 2010

Christmas + Mae

Cody and I decided we needed a special ornament on our tree to represent Mae. When Cody asked me where you find ornaments I said, "like Hallmark" and he said, "no, Anthropologie". He's my man for sure! (: So on Black Friday, we went ornament shopping and Anthropologie was the perfect place. We got these sweet mittens that I adore. My thought is this could hold a small note that we can write to her and each year she could pull it out and read it...

Everything I do holds such different meaning and Christmas this year will and already feels so differently. We wish we were waking up Christmas morning together with our baby girl but she is here in our hearts with each moment. I don't know how not to think of her. It is a crazy, anxious feeling but so wonderful too.

On another note, I've filled out the paperwork for our i800 so I'm ready the moment we receive our letter of approval. I'm so ready!

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