25 January, 2012

Mae & Mommy Mini Trip

Cody has had to be out of town on business a lot more now, with his new job. We love that he has a great job that he enjoys but don't like being away from him. It has really been an adjustment going from a job where he pretty much worked from home, to one where he travels.

Cody had to go on an extra long, two-week trip to North Carolina, so Mae and I drove to Greenville, SC this weekend to meet him half-way.   Mae was an absolute angel the whole trip.

I made Maebelle a sweet little dress the night before we left to wear to see her daddy.  I love it on her.  She looks so great in bright colors.

We arrived 30 minutes ahead of Cody... This is Mae patiently waiting on her daddy. 
It was wonderful to have a refill for 24 hours. 
We walked around downtown Greenville.  It is really a pretty city, with so much charm.
Mae and her daddy have a special kind of love. 
We got our kisses and hugs and drove back, just the two of us.  Sad to say goodbye but Griffin was happy to see us!

Having my little girl sure makes Cody being gone a lot easier... and Skype. (:  Mae gives her dada kisses on the computer every night.


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