30 April, 2012


This morning we went to the Forsyth County Court House and had our Re-Adoption— a hearing to validate our adoption. Our adoption of Mae was completed in Zhengzhou the day after we got her, March 29, 2011. Today our county court validated her adoption for our state, which means that Mae can now have a Georgia Birth Certificate (Certificate of Foreign Birth)! So she will be an official Georgia Peach (;

A Georgia Birth Certificate means many things for our China girl... there will be many times in her future that she will need a birth certificate. We will need it to enroll her into kindergarten, when she goes to get her driver's license, or even if she and her future hubby decide they want to adopt one day. It will be much easier on her to obtain a copy of her birth certificate through our state's vital records here, and not have to try to get one from her birth country.

The above picture is with Superior Court Chief, Judge Bagley.  After everything was final for the Re-Adoption, we got a picture with him.  He seemed delighted with our wiggle worm and asked us several questions about China and our time adopting.  We were quite happy today to have this (almost) final part of the process compete.  (We still have to get her birth certificate in the mail, and after that I will need to file it with the social security office to get her SS#.) 
Our sweet girl waiting for us to get our certified copies of the documents.

*Waiting patiently and quietly for a two year old can be a challenge.  She did a lot of wiggling but all in all I was so proud of her.  She really tries hard to do what is asked of her. 
We took a few more pictures outside the courthouse.  It is a beautiful day and Mae is so pleased with her pretty dress. 
She knows it must be special, and with matching shoes too. (The dress and shoes were made by my sweet friend, Sheila!) Every one that saw her today commented on how pretty she was, so she was absolutely beaming.
When we got home I think the dress made her in the mood to host a tea party for all of her friends. She took great care in getting everything ready.
And than she prayed... this melts me completely. 

So a lot happened this morning.  (: 


  1. Hi,
    I have been given your blog by friends of friends. We just brought our Mei from China home 6 weeks ago and are wondering about the re-adoption. We live in Forsyth county also. My husband called the Court and they send us to library to study how to do this or hire an attorney. Is there any chance you can email me how you did it?

  2. I forgot to say your daughter is so cute!

  3. she is soo cute!! congrats on the GEORGIA PEACH!! ;)

  4. Too cute! I know this is an older post, but was wanting to see if you can tell me where that tea set and table came from. My sister and I had one about 30 years ago. I thought it would be fun to find it again. My hubby and I just started the adoption process. I just wanted to also tell you how inspirational your journey is to me!! Thank you!!!

  5. I cannot tell if my comment posted, so here goes...take 2! :). Your blog is too cute and your journey is so inspirational as my hubby and I just started the process to adopt from China, too! So thank you for sharing! Also, can you tell me where you got the tea set with table? My sister and I had that set 30 years ago. I think about it all the time and would love to find it and buy another set. We send you all the best in your continued journey for your two new additions!!!

    1. Kim thank you so much for commenting - it means so much to hear from someone else in this journey! We wish you and your hubby all the best in this awesome adventure to your little one. This table was mine when I was little and me and my sister also played with it about 30 years ago (: my grandfather kept it in his house all these years and I am so happy to now play with it with my own daughter! I hope you can find one -- it's in my daughters room right now, but when she's up I'll look at it and figure out who made it.

    2. Kim the table has "South Bend Toy" on it and my sticker is torn but I can see "lady bug..." I hope you can find one!!

  6. Thank you!!! And congrats on the LID!


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