16 June, 2012

Hilton Head Vacation

I am very behind on the blog... again.  I wanted to past-post our summer fun and share some of the pictures of our sweet girl.

In June, our little family packed up and headed for the beach.  My mom and dad came too (Mae's Nonna and Boppy).  Last year we came here in November, so this was Mae's first "real" beach experience.  She LOVED every little thing about our time in Hilton Head.  It is definitely a family vacation spot and Cody and I enjoyed it in a whole new way; seeing it through her eyes.

Sand castles and the ocean... 
bike rides every day...
 and a boat ride on Boppy's boat. 
 Mae was the happiest she could be.

 We just soaked in this awesome family time... that came and went so quickly.  That's why I love these pictures.

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