21 July, 2012

Our Big Girl

So a lot can happen in just a few short weeks... Mae grew up A LOT.  We tackled potty training.  It wasn't easy, let me just tell you.  Mae would have prefered the diapers and told me so.  We pressed on and I was thoroughly worn out from cleaning up accidents or talking constantly about pee-pee.  A wise friend said it takes 3 weeks to have it down... and well she was right.  At a week and a half I could have cried and by week two we really had it down.  And week three we could finally leave the house and not fear embarrassment.  (:  

 We spent a lot of time at home during July...

 So now that potty training is done, we moved to the next issue.  Our baby is really gone and grown up... and seeing her in her crib at night made that apparent.
 She loved her crib and we really hoped she would love her big girl bed.  We talked about it for a week and she even helped her daddy sand it and watched as it got painted.  Finally the day came when we took down her beautiful pink crib and moved her bed into her room.
 And now all of a sudden she looks small again... She is still my baby right? 
 It looks snuggly doesn't it?
  She does love her bed and has lots of room now too,
but can somehow find her way to the bottom every night.  

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