02 April, 2013

Baby Safe Haven

This was sent to us from CCAI, our adoption agency:

It’s no secret: Thousands of children born with special needs are abandoned every year in China. In fact, over 98% of children living in orphanages today are children with special needs.

But there is an unknown secret and daily tragedy happening in China: More than 50% of newly abandoned children die unnecessarily.

Fearing incrimination, birth parents hastily leave their “unwanted” children in unattended locations, like the cold concrete steps of an orphanage, government buildings, farmers’ markets, bus and train stations, or even in trash collection stations, sometimes in the middle of the night in extreme and life-threatening conditions. By the time the babies are discovered, many have already died or are on the verge of dying from severe pneumonia, infections, or external wounds caused by wild animals...

This tragedy must be stopped!

On April 22 - 24, 2013, a CCAI-sponsored Baby Safe Haven International Conference will be held in China to introduce a life-saving idea:

Establish a “Baby Safe Station” within the vicinity of every orphanage in China. This 20-square-foot station will be equipped with an incubator, heat and air, and a delayed alarm system which will offer the abandoned child a safe environment and enable quick response and care from the orphanage.

The idea is inspired by the “Safe Haven” laws practiced in all fifty U.S states and similar laws and practices in many other countries.

We may not be able to stop the practice of child abandonment in China right away, but together we can save many precious children’s lives right now!

In order to sponsor this historical conference, we need to raise $20,000 by April 21.
We as individuals are always looking for ways to make a tangible, real-life impact in the world. Nothing could be more real and life-changing than what this conference could offer to China’s abandoned children. This is your chance!!

The importance of the Baby Safe Haven International Conference cannot be overstated and we encourage you to seriously consider making a one-time donation of any amount to this enormous undertaking.

Please send your tax-deductible donation by check (6920 S. Holly Circle, Centennial, CO 80112) or on-line (www.ccaifamily.org/Charity/Donation.aspx), designated: “Baby Safe Haven.”

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