29 March, 2013

A Baby Girl

So what an incredible day to celebrate... Our daughters day. (: That's DAUGHTERS PLURAL actually!! We received some very big news today on Mae's Gotcha Day... We got Pre-approval from China for our other daughter. Yes, we are for sure bringing home a son, Ian, and a daughter!! (I could put a million exclamation points here.)
So, I know you want to see her...

This little darling is our baby girl.

Her Chinese name is Ming and we have chosen to name her Jovie Ming. As you could guess, Jovie means "joyful" and Ming means "bright, brilliant". Jovie just turned one year old on January 3, so she is 9 months younger than our sweet Ian. She is from Zhengzhou, the same place Mae was! She started out in Mae's orphanage until she was 7 1/2 months old but has been moved to an incredible place that fosters children. Jovie Ming has a serious heart defect and needs a surgery as soon as possible. Her diagnosis is double outlet right ventricle, large VSD and pulmonary atresia. Her surgery can not be done in China, so Cody and I will do everything we can to expedite our adoption paperwork so that she can come home and get her surgery.
We love her so much already and on this monumental day that we received our first love, I am reminded just how magnificent our Healer and Savior is. Our Father has every detail planned for our journey and has the power to heal our children completely. I have a new, fierce motherly fire inside me to get our children home... And God knows that. As you walk this journey, I can not tell you how many people will tell you of God's perfect timing. Yes, it is true. But thank goodness I can plead with him to stand in my place and keep my children safe in China. My peace comes in knowing that He is there, when I am not. With every adoption I draw so much closer to Him. I am more than aware of how little I am in control of. These children are His children and however much I think I love them, He loves them so much more. Thank you Abba.
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  2. Oh wow!!!! How amazing and what great plans The Lord must have in store for her and your entire family
    I will be praying for her, Ian and all the family as you wait and prepare to travel hopefully soon

    (I've been meaning to tell you- my sons name is Ian also but spelled Iain) ;)

  3. Kristen,
    You don't know me at all, and at the risk of sounding strange, I want to tell you I have been praying for your daughter, Ming, for many months. My husband and I are in process with CCAI as well and I saw Ming on the waiting child page several months ago...February, I think. My heart immediately wrapped around this precious girl and I hoped she would be ours. After praying, my husband said he did not think this was our daughter. Even though I was disappointed, I prayed her parents would find her soon and rejoiced when I saw she had moved to the "my family has found me" list!I clicked on your blog yesterday (from the CCAI Facebook page) and was so excited to see Ming again...this time soon to be on her way home to her family! Congratulations on all three of your beautifuly children! I hope you get to have them in your arms soon!
    -Amy Zopp
    p.s. A blog entry about Ming: http://www.anewjourneyforthezopps.blogspot.com/2013/03/home-visit-and-dossier-guide.html

    1. Your message has touched me more than you know. Thank you for your prayers too! This sweet girl needs them. One day I am so excited to be able to tell her of all the people that loved and prayed for her across the world, having never met her. It is amazing. Cody and I understand the feelings you have gone through seeing Ming and praying for her... It has happened with a few children with us (this time around and once before we adopted Mae). This adoption process can be incredibly tough. There was a litte girl, Fu Chan Yan that I was heartbroken about before we found our daughter Mae.


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