14 July, 2013

Adoption Funding

I remember very clearly the feeling of looking at our adoption budget and feeling like it was so unreachable and being sick with worry. This journey to Ian and Jovie has been all about the unknown, but we have been shown over and over that God is faithful.

At church, there isn't a Sunday that I don't cry during the music:  Break my heart for what breaks Yours has a whole new meaning when you are experiencing the magnitude of adopting the fatherless. So all this to say, no matter how tough this is, we are honored to have been given this calling.

Adoption is just one of those things for us that brings us face to face with our heavenly Father.  In our normal daily lives it feels like we are the ones in control, and my conversations to God happen much less frequently. But adoption is a very humbling process. Everything but filling out the paperwork and having our home clean and ready for the home study is out of our control.  

This is a beautiful thing. God is always at work in every area of our lives and in every part of the world, but we don't always take notice.

It's been so evident God has been at work—we have been witnessing God move over and over again and we're really only halfway there. He has already done so much and used our family and friends to bless us, not just financially, but also through loving support and prayer.  God has provided these funds to cover our adoption expenses. 

And this is only the beginning... the best is yet to come. 

At the top you will see we added a new page "Adoption Funding". We spent some time breaking down our adoption expenses, the fundraising, and donations received. Please take a moment to read it here.

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