20 December, 2014

Candycane legs

Our house is filled of Christmas music, giggling children full of wonder, sparkling lights, and little girls in adorable candy cane leggings.  I have gotten teary several times just knowing the hope that Jesus brings, our God with us! Oh Holy Night can almost always do that to me. Seeing my grandmother's decorations on our tree and family traditions that Ian and Jovie have yet to know. It's really amazing as I look back to last year, knowing so well what the waiting and wishing for Ian and Jovie felt like. And now just the sight of their names on their stockings can make me all misty. You all probably know I am a tad emotional, but wow, this year really is full of all things bright and wonderful. My heart is so full to be able to share all this with these precious children God has given to us. Merry Christmas friends!!

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