27 December, 2014

Christmas 2014

Santa came!!!!  Santa filled their stocking and left a few other unwrapped  presents... my favorite being a puppet theater. Mae knew right away what to do and started sifting through her treasures. We had to point out the goodies in Ian and Jovie's stockings and even after that, they were just grabbing the items on the top. They finally got it and I know next year will be pros.

Then we dove into the wrapped presents. When Mae was little she would always get overwhelmed and open a couple and be content to just play with those. I remember having several gifts we kept for her to open a month or two later. (we also bought waaaay too much her first year)-- last year I saw the gift guide, something you wear. need. want. read. We have used this as a guide for the past two years... although want and need are both really just big and small wants, a book specific to what they like right now and Christmas eve pj's. With these gifts from us, Santa gifts, and family gifts to them, it is still extravagant really. But they are so fun to buy for and are tickled pink with anything and everything. It was so great watching them tear into their presents. And let me tell you, there was no one holding back... Ian saw Mae open her first gift and bolted to the first one available and started ripping the paper... "WAIT, hold on there, we have to see who it's to."  Needless to say we had a very memorable and exciting Christmas.

 Jovie loves babies right now so she got a little baby and a doggie to care for; she is the little nurturer.

All Mae kept saying was that she wanted a real unicorn... so we went with the closest thing we could find.

Ian got a big dump truck and my favorite of all is the scooters!  We will have lots of indoor fun with them this winter.

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