28 May, 2011

2 months

It's hard to believe, but Mae has only known us now for two months... Cody reminded me, that is 5% of her little life. Everything in her world has changed: all new sounds, new tastes, completely new surrounding and everyone she knew before us are gone. She is a strong and brave little person. She is only beginning to understand what her new life looks like, who we are and what "momma" and "dada" might mean, that we do care for her, and so far have stayed constant. Although she appears like the most joyous, well adjusted little darling, please don't get offended when we say "no" to your invitation, and stay in our cave... When we ask that we are the only ones that feed her, change her and comfort her. Our desire is to lessen confusion for Mae as much as we can, and grow an unbreakable bond as her parents.

Getting her up after her nap is one of my absolute favorite times in our day. She just smells so good and is so sweet and soft, and her hair is all messy (:
She's looks so small in the corner here... she is just so cute with her paci too.
This is her kitty that she LOVES. In her tired drunkenness she threw it out of her crib today and was very excited to have it back now.

We always look in the mirror together, it is very sweet.
Her dog, it is just too funny. I didn't even have to pose this picture, they are just about always together... in fact, most of the time I am calling him to get out of the picture!
Goldfish in one hand and a purse in the other... this is the way she'd prefer it to always be...
And she is our funny girl, always entertaining.
She goes to our front door, waves at me and says "baaa" (bye) all the time... this means she wants outside. Today she HAD to have her cup, and two purses with her too.
And look who pulled up just as we went outside! She yelled, "DADA!" so excited... which of course made her dad very happy.

She is a precious jewel and we have never been as happy as we are now. God is a God of abundance, His capacity to bless is unlimited and we have never known the overflowing love that we do now.


  1. She is so cute! We had so much fun with you guys the other night. I think everyone is quickly falling in love with Mae!

  2. Happy 2 months with mae! she's a sweetie
    I know you love taking all the sweet pictures and moments with her , I love my camera!
    How was your memorial day?

  3. Mae is just so yummy, I could eat her up!!
    xoxo Ashley


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