20 May, 2011

Bathing Suites and Birthdays!

We have been busy having fun with our girl... she is just so entertaining. We spend all of our time laughing with her or staring in awe at this beautiful miracle. I have to say productivity is nearly impossible.
We got her a pool and for a few days it was hot enough to swim in the afternoon (well, I don't know if I'd call it swimming... but she did do some splashing.)
It didn't take very long before she had her BFF in with her. These two are so funny...

My mom's birthday was a few days ago and we celebrated it at our house. Mae got all dolled up for her grandma and rocked and waited for the party to start. I think she looked like a little cupcake with a cherry on top (:

Her rocking horse, tea set and baby doll are her very favorite things right now... she plays with them every single day.
And there's the guest of honor! Happy birthday Grandma~

We are still adjusting and finding our footing... things are getting more routine! The biggest blessing has been all my neighbors cooking us meals. At first I didn't want to accept them, after all they all have their own families at home to cook for. Each meal has brought tears to my eyes as I know the burden they have lifted in such a sweet gesture to welcome our baby girl.

My other gift came on Tuesday when my mom came to watch Mae and sent me to get a pedicure. It is hard for me to leave her right now... she did just fine by the way, and as soon as I left I realized how very much I needed it. I loved the time to myself and the pretty toes I have to show for it (: Since Mae did so well, my mom and dad are coming over tonight and Cody and I are going on our first date. I am looking forward to dinner and movie with my Love but I will miss putting our darling to bed tonight.


  1. she looks so pretty on the rocking horse!
    love her skirt, I know you had to feel good having a little piece of the day to relax while your mom had mae. beleive me you will cherish the times like that when she gets almost 3! I know I do!!

  2. Mae is absolutely delicious!! Good for you guys for going out! I can't bring myself to leave Lily yet, but a movie does sound fun! Hope you had lots of popcorn and m&m's :)

  3. Griffin looks like he doesn't get too far away from her. That is too sweet! So glad you are getting out alittle and taking a break. Can't wait to see you guys!


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