15 November, 2011

A Little Vacation

Our family had a rare opportunity to get away for a week... just the three of us.  We haven't taken Mae anywhere too far away yet  (long car rides aren't a 2 year old's favorite thing) and absolutely loved the idea of her getting to see the ocean.  We decided to take off to Hilton Head Island, SC and so glad we did.  Cody got a new job and before he started we wanted to have this time.  So it may be the only time in our lives that neither of us had a job that we were worried about leaving, emails to check or people needing us. It was perfect and Mae was beside herself excited.  Everything in Hilton Head was new for us, seeing it through her eyes.  She would leave our room running down our hallway to the elevator and to get to push buttons.
She loved roaming and exploring everything new.  She pointed to everything with such delight. Boats and stores with open doors were always an invitation she couldn't pass up...
strange statues...

and red rocking chairs... oh my!
Don't forget about the free petting zoo just a minute away.  There was a deer there named Callie that loved Mae; she followed her all around.  Mae thought she was no different than Griffin.
They are looking at the chickens together.
The playground, the animals, the fun scenery and we hadn't even made it to the beach yet!!

We rode our bikes out the beach and the minute Mae saw it she loved it.
She ran right out into the freezing water like it was no big deal and laughed when the waves came.
It will be so fun to go again when it's warmer.
We have some sweet friends that live there and we got to visit with them and their darling daughter, Abbigail.  The girls enjoyed being together and even shared their snacks on the bike ride. 
I love seeing the world through the eyes of Maebelle.  She has such joy for everything.

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