22 November, 2011


Today is Cody and my eight year anniversary!  Eight years ago we committed our lives to one another. Today, I celebrate that we are each other's best friend; no one can make me laugh harder, make me feel better when I'm upset, or love all of me the way Cody does (and some days can be harder than others).  My love for Cody only keeps growing too, especially these last few months seeing him as a father to Mae.  I am so overjoyed I get a lifetime with this man and Mae gets him for a daddy!! I'm feeling pretty gushy.  I have every reason to gush really...  look at what the Lord has done for us!

These gorgeous pictures were taken by our awesome friend, Katie Torres with 6 of Four.  I know you've heard us talk about them before (Mae's friend, Rosemary, is their daughter). If you haven't gone to see their stunning work, you are in for a treat. (: www.6offour.com


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! These family pictures are beautiful! Mae looks so happy and so loved! I adore you guys :)
    Much love and many blessings to you!


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