11 November, 2011

Our Love Bug

I'm a bit late for Halloween pictures but we've been a little busy. Our little family got to take a vaca to the beach for a week! (: (I'll share some on that later)
Isn't this the cutest love bug you've ever seen?!?

The weekend of Halloween was a wonderful time, we got to spend our Saturday with our dear friends, Chris and Katie and their little lamb, Rosemary! We went to a puppet show in the morning and came back to their house for pumpkin carving, yummy food and a fun filled night of laughter. There is always laughter with these two girls around... always the entertainers for sure.

Carving time.
The end result—mine is Hello Kitty.
Precious girls
They are anxious to pray. (Doesn't this melt your heart?)
and the day isn't complete without a PJ party

On Sunday our neighborhood families all got together for a cookout in the cal-de-sac and it was so great! I love our neighborhood... And Mae has some friends here that I hope will be with her for life. After the cookout our family headed to a big church "trunk or treat". We met our friends Dan and Becca and their 5 kiddos (: and enjoyed the carnival. Mae was so funny and happy to run all around in her costume and by the end of the night she was beyond exhausted. All in all, I was so in love with our love bug and can so easily remember last year without her.

This is my favorite picture... look how excited she was!
And this is the end of the night—she's completely exhausted.

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