21 January, 2014

Adoption is final

It's 4:30am and I realized if I don't blog now I might not get to! Yesterday morning we went back to the registration office where we got the kids... To get a certificate and hear a speech that means that our adoption to Ian and Jovie are final! They are officially Lekbergs!!!!

As we got on the bus I had such a pit in my stomach for these kids to be going back to the same room... I was so nervous that Ian would go back to looking for his nannies that left him there yesterday. He came in and went right to playing though and it never phased him!

We finished there and had lunch and then we had to take care of Jovie's passport documents in Zhengzhou. So these babies (and us!) slept so very little and had no time for naps! It's amazing how great they were as we shuffled them all around the city taking care of Jovie's passport. Mae stayed with mom and dad and when we got back had started to really be insecure and had a few melt downs. The jealousy has started and who could blame her?? Jovie doesn't want to share me at all so that doesn't help. 

So Ian and Jovie have only been with us for almost 2 days now... Ian isn't crying today and is certainly flashing smiles but doesn't want me and wont eat anything I give him. He lets me touch him breifly or he will let me change his diaper but everything else is all Cody. He really likes my dad and we've had to tell my dad not to pick him up,  although he's terribly hard to resist. It really hard to be rejected ): I know he's not ready to let me in because he's not ready to give up his nannies. It will take time.  
He still won't let his shoes come off and slept in them again. 

Jovie is still not into Cody either... She's a little uneasy when he pays her attention and he tried giving her a bottle and she wasn't too happy it wasn't me. We've seen a lot more of Jovie's personality today... A lot more animated than yesterday and is very expressive even though she doesn't talk. She smiles with her whole mouth open and we got to hear her laugh tonight. She can be stubborn if she wants or doesn't want something and  shakes her little head no emphatically.  It's great to see she is coming out of her shell! She seems much more like a baby than Mae did, even if she is older than Mae was.

Today we have to do Ian's passport documents and that means starting at 8am we will drive 2 1/2 hours to his city of Pingdingshan and then back ): these poor babies have to be dragged all around again and Mae is staying with mom and dad again and it will be very hard on her too. 

Keep praying for all their hearts and that the walls keep coming down and for our health too. I feel like I am getting a bad sore throat from lack of sleep. We all really don't need to get sick on top of this! 


  1. Hope all of you feel ok for the trip Jovie is so sweet she looks a lot younger than she is ;) Ian seems to have his own personality and def a BOY bond with his daddy :) much love to y'all give MAE a hug for us can't wait to see pics of her and your parents too

  2. Thinking of and Praying hard for ALL of you!! Thank you for all the posts you have made, Kristen... It has made my heart so happy to see all of these photos & read a small amount of the large things that are taking place - I truly cannot wait to meet them & will continue checking the blog for updates daily. Praise God for such sweet blessings! I love you all so much!!

  3. Kristen, I adore the pictures of you and Jovie. What a sweet baby girl! Ian is adorable and I'm happy to hear you are getting some smiles from him. Give your big girl a hug from us. Prayers for good health for everyone and rest for all!

  4. So precious!!! I am so proud of Mae. I am praying for sleep and wellness for all of you.
    Love you guys!

  5. Praying for your health and for little hearts going through big changes. It is very hard what your doing but God is blessing big. Precious photos!!! Love it all. Blessings and love!!!!!

  6. Oh what precious memories! Everything changes so quickly doesn't it - and those sweet smiles! Love the family picture. You are an amazing mama to those 3 sweeties! Contd prayers!!!

  7. Congratulations on your successful adoption! I believe it was a long procedure, yet all of the efforts are worth it. Hope you'll be able to take good care of your children, Jovie! Wishing you all the best! Congrats again! :)

    Sandra Walker @ EricRisk.net

  8. Congratulations on your family of five, I am so happy for you all, such beautiful, precious photographs and memories.
    Sending love from Australia

  9. So thankful for these updates! I am so encouraged by the grace and love you are exhibiting as you walk with your little ones in their transitions....very thankful for your hearts.


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