03 January, 2014

Jovie Ming's birthday

Today our little girl is a big two year old... and I feel like that phrase should have a few of these (!!!!!!) but my heart does not feel like that. I am sad today to miss knowing the precious last two years and not being the one that got to go get her up this morning, kiss her sweet cheeks, and make her a special breakfast. I can not explain what it feels like to long for these children.  My mom said it very well in calling it a fast... because when you fast you are hungry, and that hunger reminds you to remain in prayer. There is just not another time in my life than adopting (Mae and this time) that I have prayed more fervently... because God is my only link to them. I am so grateful to know throughout this process that God loves these children first. 

I am watching a beautiful love story before my eyes... as I am waiting, longing and loving these children God is reminding me that it is with a greater love and longing that HE pursues us all. And today I know that we received a very awesome view of that LOVE : This afternoon we received our TRAVEL APPROVAL from China. 

Thank you God for the perfect birthday gift. 

Maybe I should repeat this for those of you that skim... WE GOT TRAVEL APPROVAL!!!!

So last night I was in tears, and tonight I am making packing lists. We very likely will be leaving for China January 15-17 and getting our babies on January 20!!!!!!!!!!! We should know for sure after we get our Consulate appointment, which should come on Monday. WOW! 

I wanted to make something special for Jovie for her birthday and I so I made her this little doll. I saw baby be blessed dolls and got the idea to add a verse to Jovie's doll. It was so neat to be able to find her a verse.

 Mae and I mixed and baked cupcakes to celebrate and shared them with our friends today (Lyn and Sheila and their kiddos). I love each of these sweeties!!!
Tonight we had our own celebration again... for the life of our girl and that we will all be together very soon.

We ask more than ever for you to join with us and pray for this upcoming time. It will be joyous but seem very traumatic to Ian and Jovie... and possibly Mae. These children will undergo HUGE change and great loss. In order to gain a family, they will have to lose everything they know.

Thank you friends.


  1. SO excited you got travel approval!! What a sweet gift for today. And I love the doll you made for her - so beautiful! Love you guys!

  2. Your entry today has touched my heart, my eyes are teary, yet I want to rejoice with you on this most happy occasion. All I can say, is you all will be in my thoughts and prayers, may God, watch over you and keep you safe in your travels. I shall be thinking of you 15 January onwards. Looking forward to your next post. xo

  3. Happy birthday to your darling girl. Wonderful that you got TA!! Blessings and love!


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