27 January, 2014

One Whole Week!!

These precious children were placed in our arms one week ago. It's amazing, really, really amazing the transformation that has already happened in one week. The biggest being that today Ian was alright with me. We started off the morning rough though, I tried putting on his shoes for him and he hit me in the face and so I picked him up and looked him in the eyes and said "no hit", and he bent down and bit my shoulder. None of his hitting or biting hurts, but it does hurt my feelings. I started by carrying him down to breakfast and sat him by me only, so I had to be the one to help him and give him food. He wasn't happy and ordinarily wouldn't have eaten anything that came from me but he didn't have much choice! I guess he started seeing that I wasn't so bad or that you don't hit and bite the hand that feeds you. The above picture was at lunch time... He is okay with me here!!! I am in heaven to finally get my hands on him. I still know he prefers Cody but give it a few more days and I think I'll be getting as much love from him.
There's a garden and play area in our hotel on the roof of the fourth floor that was fun to go to today.
All of them were so excited to play and get some time outside! The temperature is perfect here - about 70 degrees.
Ian is making Jovie laugh. She thinks her big brother is so funny.
I put them in their shirts today with the Chinese characters for "Jie Jie", "Di Di" and "Mei Mei". (Big sister, littler brother, little sister).

Jovie is very cautious and didn't like the swing at all...
Ian on the other hand has no fear and took the biggest slide first. He's such a boy. He can get into anything, literally can open just about everything (water bottle, candy wrappers, zippers... We block off the bathroom and Mae can't get in but Ian has no problem sliding open the door. Baby proofing our house will be interesting! Cody calls him "Bam Bam" because this little boy is strong!

We went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant down the street from our hotel with our whole group. The food was DELICIOUS! Our guide ordered everything for us and we got to try a bunch of different things. There wasn't anything I didn't like. Cody was obsessed with the fried rice and said he wished he could eat it everyday.

I like Chinese beer, it's very light... And since you can't drink the water and have to order your drinks without ice, I prefer to drink the beer. 

All my little Chinese children can slurp a noodle (: Noodles are their favorite.


  1. Its been so great to get updates. Again I'm very thankful that you have each other to help you all thru all these new experiences. The kids are so cute. Its fun to hear about their little personalities. Safe travels home.

  2. So glad Ian is slowly warming up to you! The family pic at the table is just awesome and I love their shirts!!

  3. LOVE seeing their smiles! The playground brings back memories! Not long now before home journey - praying for all of you to stay healthy and be well rested for that! Enjoy the warm weather because we are expecting snow tomorrow! The cold isn't letting up here;)

  4. We love your updates. Can't wait to meet the gang of 5!

    Love - the Bennetts!

  5. Oh what a great update! What a difference even a week together makes for these sweet souls! Excited to see the China hotel - we loved it there and the courtyard/play area was a nice retreat!!!
    So good Ian is warming up to his mama!
    There is such a yummy-hole-in the-wall Chinese restaurant down the street from there we walked to 5x while in GZ - it's that yummy and inexpensive ;)


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