24 April, 2014

Great Report!

Our tiger baby had her follow up appointment yesterday. She was definitely not happy to be back at the hospital. When they put on her hospital bracelet she really made a fuss. Poor baby just doesn't understand what all this means for her. 

She had an X-ray and was examined by the cardiac surgeon and it could not have been a better report!! She's doing exceptional with the surgery. Everything looks just as it should in her heart! Her oxygen was 98% and it still shocks me to see that reading after we were used to seeing 68%. AND it does not look like we will need a cardiac catheter procedure to plug the MAPCAs either (something they thought might be needed to follow the surgery). 

It takes 8 weeks for her to heal and it has already been 2 weeks. The doctor told us we should treat her normal and not have to restrict her...if she is comfortable doing something than let her — That she would know what she can do. Well, that means tiger baby should be running around here and doing somersaults very soon (;
I can only be in awe that we are on the other side of this. It felt like we have been climbing a mountain ever since we got these children 3 months ago... I hope this summer is full of uneventful playful bliss at the Lekberg homestead. (With the exception of one joyous event) Saturday we get to celebrate a BIG BIRTHDAY!! This little charming will be THREE. 

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  1. So thankful for a great report!!!! So wonderful! And so excited about a big birthday coming!!! Yay!


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