10 April, 2014


Today has been the day we've dreaded for so long and it's now over... Jovie is doing sooo well in ICU. She still has the respirator breathing for her but they believe that her breathing tube will be able to come out tonight. She has been waking up and looking at us for a few seconds at a time but otherwise has slept peacefully. 

I was afraid to see her with all the crazy amount of tubes and IVs but it was so much better than I thought. I really felt like the amount of love I feel seeing her just makes it all okay. 

She has beautiful pink fingers and toes. Her skin is just glowing. 
This is her oxygen level at 98%. I am stunned... She's doing so much better than they even thought. They expected her to be at about 85%.

Every part of this day has been exhausting. It's probably a really good thing we can not stay bedside while she is in ICU.   I just said goodnight to our precious tiger baby — it hurt to leave her. We are staying in a hotel .5 miles from the hospital. We need a really good nights sleep, ready to be there for our girl tomorrow. 


  1. Soo happy to see her doing good! I know your exhausted! I can't even imagine but its done and time for y'all to get a good nights sleep

  2. Yay Jovie! Such a fighter. Hope you guys get good rest. Thanks for the updates-lots of people are praying for her!

  3. So thankful she is doing so well. It was the hardest thing ever to leave so there too but sleep was so needed. Hoping y'all have another beautiful day today!!!!!


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