12 April, 2014


Jovie had a good night last night and her levels were all good. She did throw up 3 times last night, which breaks my heart but otherwise she slept. She had an X-Ray that was good as well. 

This morning the doctors said it was alright to take out several of her lines, so she has lost a few of the wires today. The most important one being one that went into her heart. It's a big deal to remove it. We have already been given the okay by the doctor that she can move to the step down unit when they have a room available. Yay!! This is huge progress and she will have her own room that I will be able to stay with her through out the rest of her stay. Double yay!! 

She's not been herself yet and has said "momma" just a few times but we hope to see more of the Jovie Ming we know soon! 

Ian has been incredible! I mean there's just not a possible way for him to be an easier kid while we've been here. He met the hospital dogs yesterday and it was the cutest thing ever to see him so excited. He's told everyone (strangers) about the experience (: pointing to the spot in the waiting room where he saw the doggies. 
The dog he is petting is Uno and he is the cardiac doggie and comes to visit Jovie too. I can't wait to see him when Jovie is feeling a little better. Such a sweet pup! 

It's bizarre to be spending days at the hospital and it's got to be confusing to Ian too. He keeps saying "mommy daddy home" so I know he is starting to tire of this craziness. 

Yesterday afternoon my parents brought Mae down here to the hospital. Ian and Mae got to speak with an incredible person on staff here about what they would see when they see Jovie. They used a doll named Charlie and got to be the doctors. After that Kalli went with us to see Jovie and explained all of Mae's questions in just the sweetest way possible. The kids were only with Jovie for a minute but it made a big impression on Mae. Ian is saying "Jovie doctor" today. (: 


  1. Awww triple yay for you being able to stay in room with miss Jovie!! Love to all so glad to hear some of the wires got removed ! 😉

  2. Love the dogs being there for them and Childlife specialists are the best!!! Praying you all get to step down and you can stay with her! Have fun on those 4 or 5am rides to xray... I think I walked there with my eyes closed. LOL XOXOXOXO

  3. Kristen this is such great news...Thank God that Jovie is doing so well. I am glad Ian and Mae got to come so they can see her and know she is ok.Ian is so sweet and has adapted so well. I hope that she will be moved and you can be with her.The way she is improving each day, she will be home soon.Love you all.You are so brave.....xoxoxLove to all, Aunt Joyce


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