19 August, 2014

box house

Yesterday we got a very large box delivered to our home... Nothing exciting, just a cat liter box and diapers. Big boxes however are a big win here! I dreamed up this little house idea, threw a crockpot meal together, and got to work while the babies napped. And almost 2 hours later I had a cute little cottage... I was so proud of it I was second guessing letting the kids paint it (or even play with it for that matter! Good thing I don't fit in it or I might have kept it for myself.)

So...1 box house, 10 Crayola kids paint in neon colors, and 3 paint brushes has made these kids pleased as punch. They devotedly painted for hours. I truly hope today is one of the days that sticks in their memory.

Nothing got done today, Cody came home to dirty dishes and a mess... But we did have our crockpot dinner.

And now I am enjoying these precious pictures from our fun day!


  1. you are so creative, such a good mom

  2. love everything about this! takes my breath away!!! they will always remember and you are amazing!!! your photog looks awesome too!!!!! XOXOXO


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