18 August, 2014

little climber

Don't you think it's time for this boy to get a big boy bed? 

Ian can climb into his bed... thankful he has never tried climbing out.

There are some decisions we have made on behalf of our children that we probably would not have made had we been with them from the start. Such as a crib for a three year old... we decided that we would start Ian in a crib because we believed he was in one in the orphanage and wanted him to have a bed he was comfortable in. Also, we have a rule that our kids stay in bed at night and didn't want him getting out right from the start and not understanding English well enough to know what we wanted from him.

We gave Mae and Jovie bottles even though they were 20 months and 2 years old... but that is what they were used to. I still have Chinese formula in my pantry for Jovie (she wasn't interested in formula after we got home with 3 big containers we packed from China). I especially remember giving Mae a bottle every evening... it was a precious bonding time.

These babies grow so fast.

So yeah, I think Ian is ready to have a big bed... hopefully soon.

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