11 August, 2014

happy, happy birthday Mae Juan!

Yesterday we celebrated our big girl. I can not believe I have a five year old!!

Mae has asked for frozen dolls for her birthday for at least a month, so we placed Elsa and Anna outside her door to be the first to greet her.

Then we went to IHOP for special pancakes. The staff even came to our table and sang to her... Which really took her by surprise.

We had told Mae she could do whatever she wanted for her birthday and all she said she wanted to do was to "play games". We asked her if she wanted a party and she said, "no, I just want to play family games." With that being her one and only request we made a special day out of it!!

First we went bowling - it was fun but tired the kids out pretty quickly!

Then, after naps we had family games galore in the basement! Mae had no idea that we were planning any of this so she was positively delighted.

We had a very memorable game night and most importantly our birthday girl felt very loved. She got presents that were perfect for a grown up 5 year old.

Seeing her in these dangly earrings just about kills me... She's getting so big and grown. She insists that now that she is five she can help me even more. She really is our little sunshine.


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful sweet girl!!! XOXO

  2. Such beautiful family times. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Quite an interesting post and a gorgeous party it was! I liked all these light party games for kids and I am surely gonna add these to my son’s outdoor 5th birthday party. Recently booked the most beautiful Venues in NYC for this bash but the venue should also have some nice facilities for enjoyment for adults. Do you know about such a location?


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