07 September, 2014

Mae primped and pampered

We were invited to a very sweet birthday party for one of Mae's friends. It was the most amazing time ever for Mae... and so I thought I should share her pictures here. 

We walked into the place for the birthday party and it was like nothing I'd ever seen before...  Pink everywhere and covered top to bottom with roses, pink rose wallpaper, pink rose carpet, and even pink roses hanging from the ceiling.

When all of the girls got there they took them back to the dressing area to pick princess dresses to wear. There was every single princess represented and every dress she ever wore. Do you want to be Arial? hmmm... you can be her as a mermaid, or wear the dress she wore, or even her wedding dress. The options were OUTRAGEOUS!

Mae chose to be Anna from Frozen (no surprise there). She was then given the royal treatment... nails done, make-up done, and then topped with a touch of glitter for her hair.

sweet girl waiting for her turn

Isn't she lovely? However, without all that makeup she is most definitely even more beautiful. 

 Now for her first ever fashion show. 

 She is a natural princess! 

This was the perfect party for my glitter girl.  Thankful to our sweet friend who invited us to celebrate!!

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