10 September, 2014

Mid-Autumn Mooncakes

Our family loves to celebrate Chinese holidays (as best as we know how!). This week was the Mid-Autumn Moon festival. It's a time for mooncakes and lanterns.  This time of the year the moon is at its roundest and brightest.  But I think you can tell by its name why this celebration takes place without my telling you that (:

We got to celebrate with other families at an authentic Chinese restaurant on Sunday... And when I say authentic I mean they served us chicken feet. (Something westerners find gross but in China is a yummy treat. No, I did not try it.) We made Chinese lanterns on Monday with other adopted kiddos from China, ate mooncakes, and got to see a beautiful demonstration of Chinese dance last night. I love when we get the chance to teach our kids about where they are from and, to be honest, I love it too and am so glad I have an excuse to be a part of it all! 

So moon "cakes" are a little deceiving to children who've eaten donuts, candy and sweet cakes with sugary icing. They are not really sweet. 

You can see on Ian's face just what he thought when he took a big bite. 

And then they were all about sharing, "here, you can have mine." 

The inside has red bean paste. If you've never tried it I think you would like it if you had no expectations. I think it's pretty good, but not as a dessert... 

The Chinese dancers last night were breathtaking.  Ian and Mae were absolutely mesmerized. 

But little Jovie Ming was not at all happy... I could not figure it out but she kept her fingers in her ears the entire time and would not even let me move away for a second.  She clung to me and cried. So, was something there making her scared or bringing a bad memory back? Or maybe I'm thinking too hard and she just didn't feel well.  Either way she was not her spunky tiger baby self.  I only wish she could tell me what she was thinking. 

So I think Ian has a crush, don't you?

Mae wanted to get dressed up in her Chinese clothes to watch the dancing. I adore these kiddos in some Chinese silk. 



  1. Love little miss dress!! We opted for moonpies.

    1. I'd imagine my kids would have preferred their marshmallow filling to red bean paste (:

  2. Auditory sensory stuff? One of my kids couldn’t STAND hearing the violin (among other things) when she was little.

    1. I'm starting to wonder... We went into a public restroom this week and she held her ears so she wouldn't hear the loud flushes.

    2. She might be more like her cousin Bailey then we know. Bailey used to plug her ears around loud noises an is a vegitarian too. Cody told us about her not always wanting to eat her meat. Lol


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