13 September, 2014

dragonboat races

Today was the Dragonboat Festival that we love going to with our friends... this was our third year.  If you want to  look back to 2013 and 2012. Geez Mae has grown up and it's fun that this was Jovie and Ian's first time.


I'm stunned each year that we've come by how H.O.T. it is here... we melt every year and swear it couldn't get any hotter. These precious black haired beauties are melting.

Our girls were so excited about these "Chinese Princesses". They are so beautiful but also so sweet and came by to talk and hug the kids. 

The dragonboat races go on all morning and then at noon there's a big show! It starts off by the lighting of tons of firecrackers (those are not the pretty kind in the sky; but the really loud kind that just smoke.) This scared Jovie Ming to pieces and I don't think Ian much liked it either. Jovie stayed clung to me almost through the whole show, afraid they might do that some more. 

My favorite part is the dragon dance - how did these guys get this job? 

It was a whole lot of fun but we went and took cold showers and napped in the cool air conditioning. What is it about the sun that can wipe you out? Next year we will be prepared for the heat!

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