01 January, 2015

Meet Banjo

So, I got the best surprise EVER and ya'll I hate surprises! I really, really did not think Cody could surprise me either!! He didn't give me even the slightest hint.

So can I tell you the story?

Backing up a bit, Jovie Ming cried so hard Christmas Eve and we discovered the cause of her pain was her teeth. The worst time ever to get a toothache too. She has been absolutely pitiful and with a tooth infection she has a higher risk of getting an infection on her heart. We were in the urgent care for 4 hours getting her an antibiotic. Definitely not the surprise I am talking about, and if I could take this pain from her I would. It kills me to see her like this.

We had to wait until the dentist office opened and saw the doctor Monday morning. They could plainly see her tooth has a giant crater of a hole and said that she has at least two others with cavities.  We've always known her teeth are in trouble... her body did not get enough oxygen and her teeth certainly suffered. 

She needs surgery under anesthetic to have the tooth extracted, and with her heart history she will have to have that done at Children's Hospital at Eggelston so a cardiologist is present. We had to make an appointment to see the CHOA oral surgeon the following day. So, now it's Tuesday, and we are at Scottish Rite talking to the oral surgeon and she tells me Jovie needs to be admitted to the hospital right now, today. My mom had Ian and Mae, (with no car seats -- I have those) and I don't have a plan, bags packed or a clue, but okay. So I call Cody and tell him, "they are about to admit us, now". And he is all cool and says okay, all along he had this big SECRET with him waiting to surprise me. 

The scheduler calls Eggelston to make a plan for us and realized that with the next day being New Year's EVE we better not go because we would be sitting in the hospital for a long time.  So we have to wait several more days still... until Monday (Jan 5) for surgery. Good news is Jovie gets to spend her birthday at home (Jan 3), but bad she is still hurting.

So, I call Cody to tell him we are leaving the hospital and he asks, "so, what are you going to do now?". "I guess I better get Jovie and me some lunch." He said, "I am out running around and have an errand in Dunwoody, so I can meet you". So we head to closest Chick-fil-A, and as we are walking in he calls and says he's hit bad traffic and to go ahead and order him something. We sit down to eat and he calls again and says he's here now but has to jump on a work call. BUMMER -- I thought we would get to be with him and now I'm just his lunch delivery girl. We finish eating and walk out to his truck and he gets off the call and meets me half way and takes our pitiful and wilted Jovie Ming from me. He said, "I'll put her in the car, and you can get your bag out of my car."


I have seriously been campaigning for us to get another dog... and not just any dog, I wanted a french bulldog something terrible. I stalked owners of them on instagram and every time I saw one, Cody would receive a texted picture to his phone. I thought for sure there would be a puppy under our tree this year with my name on it... or I had hoped anyway.

Well, Christmas came and went and I did get a very awesome camera bag. As much as I had hoped it would be,  I really did not see this coming.  Plus, Cody insisted I would not be getting a puppy for a very long time. And are you nuts?? Like we don't have enough going on, right?

But here is this too-good-to-be-true, soft and wrinkly little baby.

We are all totally in love with him. All my dreams of owning a french bulldog puppy have come true... and he's even better than I expected.  He is the best puppy ever so far, potty training has been going great, he is so chill and laid back and spends 90% of his time snuggling right up to me. We are calling him Banjo, all but Jovie Ming... she calls him "Dogbunny". 
He fits right into this little family.

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