15 January, 2015

Gumball Method

Every parent knows they will have to eventually endure the pains of potty training;  I think God adds jewels to moms (and dad's) crowns in heaven for this... not biblical, so don't quote me.  I decided to bite the bullet and finally go all in with potty training Ian. "All in" means no more diapers, so an "accident" is noticeable to say the least... and since we're potty training a puppy at the same time, I thought I better wait on Jovie... and hope she's taking notes! 

Every child has accidents...  but with Ian I didn't even know how much control he had.  Could he even be potty trained? I've agonized so much over this. I felt like we'd never know as long as he had his diapers, and at least I could get him to teetee on the potty. He had his surgery in November to help improve his muscles down there and at first we were very disappointed because outwardly the surgery did not change him... but it must have changed something on the inside! My boy is most certainly doing way better than I anticipated!! HUGE answer to prayer!!! You can not know the huge sigh of relief this is...  I've wanted him to be able to go to school in big boy underpants just like the rest of his classmates. I don't want my sweet boy to be singled out for being the only one in diapers in his class... and it looks like that is not going to be an issue for him.

I bought a gumball machine and for a reward for going "teetee" or "poopoo" Ian gets a quarter.  (I trained Mae with Skittles and it really didn't work... she still wanted her diaper and to stay a baby WAY more than a candy.)  With the gumball machine it is so much more than the candy... all the kids crowd around to watch as he puts in his coin and turns that dial. It's working so well that Jovie is now taking herself to the potty for her quarter too... it's a grand idea I can not take credit for. My best friend, Tamara came up with this one. I highly recommend the "gumball method".

Let me tell you the sweetest part of it all... Ian earns his jelly beans and shares them with his sisters. HE IS INCREDIBLE!!


  1. Thrilled for Ian’s success! What a sweet boy!

  2. What a sweet boy sharing his lollies, but with a Mum and Dad like you two, he would be kindhearted and sharing. Ps congratulations on the potty training success.


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