02 January, 2015

in the ER

I called the oral surgeon and she said we had to go the ER. Jovie is just in too much pain and to see her you would cry too. Her cheek is all swollen, she has woken up all through the night for a week and it is only getting worse.

An abscess tooth is bad enough, but tomorrow is a whale of a big day, it is Jovie's third birthday. It is her very first one that she will celebrate with wrapped presents, sprinkles and cupcakes, and with her family. It is a very big deal. We have missed the others, and tonight I struggled with the fact that we may be in the hospital for this one. Most important I want my girl to feel better. They have put her on hydrocodone, (that is what we left the hospital with after her heart surgery). It is strong and it should help us get to Monday. AND be at home celebrating this amazing child. 

1 comment:

  1. WOW! So sorry to know you went through this!!! We have had tons of dental stuff too. Poor Jovie. Praying for her!!!


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