15 February, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

 It's amazing how kids can get so excited about every little thing.  I wish I saw everything the way Mae does sometimes.  She got a Valentine from her Nonna and Boppy and another one from her Nanny.  Something as simple as card and stickers had her completely overjoyed.  Thank you Nonna and Nanny for making our girl so very happy!!!
Mae had her very first school party today and I got to go and be a part of it.  Mae was so happy to see me there.  I was so glad to be able to meet the little friends she comes home talking about and their  parents. 
She had her Valentine box ready but really had no idea what for... 

These are some of her very first friends!! I love her school and I love that she loves it. 

My darlin got a lot of candy and goodies from her classmates and each one has been a treasure.  I was blown away by everything.  Her teachers made everything so special and put so much work into the little party.  But I also left there thankful I was not a teacher and appreciating them even more! You would not believe how loud a tiny room of three year olds on cookies and candies can get.  I needed a nap!
Mae got Valentines from her Mommy and Daddy too.  And a trip to TCBY to get her favorite... chocolate icecream with gummy bears. (:


One small celebration today was that we got our Homestudy completed and our I800a sent off!  Just one small milestone... For those of you that don't understand, the homestudy is when a social worker comes and makes many long visits and asks you everything there is to know about you.  (: This time around we had the same social worker, so we only had to have three visits.  It also feels like a counseling session. We do love our social worker. 
Your homestudy is basically a term paper, written by a once before stranger about you. Your history, your marriage, your family, how you parent, and how you resolve conflict are just to name a few topics.  It is completely strange to read about yourself in the words of someone else.  

Our I800a is requesting permission to adopt two international children. We will have to get fingerprinted and in 60-90 days we should have approval.  This is the last piece of paper work we need  to send our dossier to China.

We are coming for you IAN!!

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