11 February, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Yesterday was the Chinese New Year; it's the year of the snake. We love celebrating the Chinese holidays with our daughter.  Mae gets very excited about them.  She has a book we read at night about the Chinese New Year celebrations that we've been reading for a few weeks now... and we decorated the house with a very cool paper dragon and lantern.
Xīn Nián Kuài Lè -- That's how you say "Happy New Year" in Mandarin.

We had the awesome privilege to be invited to a Chinese New Year party by some friends of ours.  When my friend Wen first invited us I really didn't know what to expect... but I pictured 3-4 families getting together, not 30 families. (:  It was so FUN!  We were the only ones not Chinese... except for maybe two husbands.  

 My friend Wen is in the lovely yellow top.  We made some very neat paper lanterns... see the green and red in the picture?  It is the Chinese character for Spring  since we are celebrating the spring festival. I took mine home and now I have a template to make more next year.

We ate rice cakes, they gave Mae red envelopes filled with money and we watched the children sing Happy New Year songs.  All the little children and most of the adults were dressed in their beautiful Chinese Silk outfits.  Soooo many beautiful little outfits. (We didn't have Mae in hers at first but we ran home and got it... that's why it is still creased from being folded.  oh well, there's just not too many opportunities to get to wear it and we weren't going to miss one!)
 Mae played on the playground with all the children and had a great time until it was time to eat... My girl's favorite thing.  And EAT she did!!
 Let me just tell you, the food was out of this world.  There were many dishes there that you just can not order at a restaurant.  We had a great day and hope we will be invited back next year... and Ian will be able to be with us too!
 Our little family.

And our sweet friends.


  1. It looks like so much fun! So wonderful you have such nice friends to celebrate with. I love Mae's Chinese dress.

  2. It seems like a fun-filled celebration with family and relatives. It's really nice to have such a celebration with family. Hope this year would be happier. My best chinese new year greetings to you and to your loved ones.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai

    Liezel xxxxx


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