18 February, 2013

Our first shirts

We got our first order of shirts in... so those of you that ordered, be on the look out!!! Can I just say that I am so excited.  I hope everyone loves their shirts as much as I do.  My excitement may be a little more than yours... but these are some CUTE tees!

 Mae and Elijah modeling theirs, kids and pandas are just cute, right?!! (Mae is in a 3T and Eli in a 2T)
 Mae absolutely loves hers. Doesn't that smile melt you?

My mom and me showing off the women's rescued tees.
 Here's me to show you the size... I ordered an XL in this one and I normally wear a Large in fitted shirts.
 The panda tees are more like regular shirts.  My mom and I have on Mediums. 
And my first delivery was to my friend Theresa and her mom today!!

And no men were around to photograph (: 

I can not tell you how amazed I am by all of the people that have ordered, made purchases or donations.  I am brought to tears; you have no idea what a life changing experience this is for Cody and me.  We have an awesome group of friends and family that love us. I keep thinking we are  just so very blessed to be able to bring Ian home to know and grow up with all of your love.  

Okay, so we are just at the very beginning and this was just our first minimum order.  We must order at least 24 shirts of the same style to place an order.  We were excited to order this first batch to get photographs of the actual shirts and be able to know exactly what they looked like.  Now, we are working towards being able to place our second order.  So if you want a shirt let us know!! We hope we can get enough to place our next order in the next couple of weeks... or sooner!


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