28 March, 2013

Mae's Gotcha day

Today is a very, very special day; two years ago today Mae was placed in our arms. We celebrate this day that Cody and I are abundantly and forever blessed. I remember so clearly longing for her and it is all too real again for us, as we wait to know Mae's brother and sister now. When we finally got her in our arms, I don't know how we even managed the amount of emotions that we felt. I had never experienced that kind of love. I'm over the moon in love with Cody, but there is a whole other love and awe you get as a parent. God has done a remarkable thing, as I look at the evolution of my heart I'm amazed that at one time I might have gone without ever having the rich blessings of being a mother.

Our girl has grown so much since this first day. I realized in February that she had finally spent as long with us as her time in China. We've experienced so much together in these two years.

Today Mae's school had their Easter party and Mae got to hunt Easter eggs. Her clever teachers made it a little extra hard by putting their names on the eggs, so Mae was just finding the eggs with her name! All the kiddos did so great!

Cody got to come to her school too to see her! Mae was so very happy to have us both there! I loved that we could be there.

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  1. Oh what a pretty lil lady you have
    ;) many blessings on the journey ahead as a family


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