28 March, 2011

First Day of Mae!!!

This morning when we woke up it felt like we were still dreaming... It was just too unreal that this day had come and we had no idea how to wrap our minds around it. We were the first family to receive our baby girl and she got there around 10:15. She had fallen asleep in the car ride over and she was a little sleepy at first but went straight to us. She never cried and it amazed us both how much she smiled and chatted her sweet baby talk. She is still very small as you can see in the pictures and this is with several very puffy layers.
She loved the new toys... I think it was like Christmas to her today. She has been so enthralled by them.

She is the sweetest little thing and has a vibrant personality - and this is just the first day. It is so evident that our prayers have been answered.
She runs up to me and wants to be held. Her arms reaching for me is the most amazing thing in this world.
She loved seeing the photographs after we took them of her. She can say Juan Juan and has said it several times while looking in the mirror today. (:

Our little family posing for Mae's passport photo. She points so cute!
She fell sometime before today and got a scratch on her sweet cheek. She has the most unbelievably soft kissing cheeks - we want to eat her up!

She loves being outside - it is apparent and we noticed her face and hands are super tan from playing outside. Her little body is a stark contrast. (: She's like her daddy and tans easy.
Loved Loved the cheerios and puffs. She had an equally good time playing with the snack cup.
This is her first impression of the room. She has been so happy and excited for all the new things we have introduced.

These are all photos from the very first of the day. It has been a day that we will never forget. We have bathed her (and she loved that) and now she is napping. The nap was the time that she cried. It broke our hearts because she was crying out for her nanny and ended up laying with us and crying herself to sleep. Everything she knows is gone. I know she was looking at that bed and telling us that that was not her bed.

She is a treasure and we are stunned and amazed that she is ours. We truly can not comprehend the love that we have for her.


  1. Oh goodness! I have waited all night for these stories and pictures. And pray pray prayed that sweet Mae would be comforted and looks like she was! God is so good. These pictures make me CRY. She looks so so happy and beautiful, and she doesnt even know how wonderful her life is going to be with such Amazing parents and grand parents and our Amazing GOD! The picture of Cody feeding her and her looking in awe at him makes my heart melt and the one of you squeezing her Kristen above Cody feeding her makes me cry. She is a precious baby who God has gave a big story to, and we love her already. I can not wait to meet and hold her. Praying still for your family. Cant wait till yall are back to GA!



  2. There is nothing better than Gotcha Days!!! She is just beautiful! Love you guys...
    Lyn and family

  3. Crying tears of joy right now with you guys. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. I cannot wait to get to know her and her sweet personality. She sounds just amazing. Continuing to pray for you guys as you get to know your little angel!

  4. Chris and I went to bed last night praying and I woke several times in the night anxious to hear news and woke up praying. Your family has been etched on my heart. I'm so happy to hear all the news. She looks even more amazing than anything you knew before. What a joy she is in you. I know it must have been hard watching her cry. You are doing a great job comforting her. Love to your sweet family!

  5. Beautiful. What a precious reminder of our Father's love. Oh how He loves us. You'll never be the same. Still praying!

  6. When Rosemary woke up we showed her the pictures of Mae enlarged and she kissed her and pointed to her with a big grin on her face. We filmed it for you. :)

  7. beautiful,you both look so natural with her. She is precious,

  8. She is so cute! What an angel! We are so happy for you guys. What a blessing God has made possible.

  9. so many tears of joy are running down my face at seeing this family together at last! I am so thrilled to see that she is so happy and comfortable with you all so quickly. I love the pictures, seeing you all together is so wonderful!

    Can't wait to meet her :)

    love you all,

  10. AbSolutely precious!! So excited and happy for your sweet family! She is beautiful!

  11. She is such an angel. I am so so so happy for you both!

    Big Hugs!!

  12. My heart is swollen with joy for you all of you! Congratulations on your beautiful gift! I can't wait to squeeze her!

  13. oh, she is so precious! What an amazing day. Lily and I looked at all of the pictures together. Such a beautiful family of three! I love every word you wrote. Tears of happiness flowing here! Yes, your prayers have been answered and your dream has come true! Keep loving on your girl through her grief...she will feel safe in that love.
    love you much.....

  14. My joy overfloweth at the amazing journey that brought you to this moment. Your family is complete and beautiful! Our prayers have been answered tenfold...amazing photos of you and Cody with Mae. LOVE YOU and feel blessed to be a GREAT AUNT! Aunt Julie

  15. I am Lyn's mom, Jane, and I just had to write you a note to tell you how cute, cute, cute Mae is. I am so glad you had such a great "gotcha day" full of smiles and love for you both. Looking forward to meeting Mae when you get home. Have a great trip.

  16. Such wonderful photographs and words, I am sat here in the UK with tears rolling down my face with just how beautiful and special you are as a family. Truly wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing your very special day. I look forward to meeting you all in May.

    Best wishes, Emma Stegall (Luke's wife)

  17. So happy for you all! I think Emma has said it best for me, and we can't wait to meet her.

    Our prayers are with you as you continue your journey home.


  18. Wow!!! I'm so excited for all of you. I finally got to catch up on all the posts today and read them while goosebumps formed on both arms. Was in tears by the time I was her with you! Congratulations Kristen & Cody and Grandma Sheryl and Grandpa Kerry!!!! Love you! Jenni

  19. Hannah, Michael, and TyMarch 28, 2011 at 12:56 PM

    Just precious!!!! I was up so much last night wondering if you would post mid day your time. :) Every time I woke, I checked the blog. So excited for you! You can see tht you both have been hit by the parent bug in all the pictures. It is an amazing love to feel and so hard to describe! So happy for you guys! Enjoy your time with Mae in her home country, but hurry home to us! :) We miss you!

  20. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I cannot wait to hug and kiss her. Ryland and Roddic will start following the blog as well so that they will know her when you return. I cannot wait to have you guys home!!!

  21. she's just so dang cute! i mean really, really cute. i've looked at these pics about 15 times today :).

  22. Oh goodness, we could not be happier for your little family! This is so sweet! We can't wait to meet her! Love you guys!

  23. Juliana and RobertMarch 28, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    Woo-hoo! Hooray for the Lekberg Family!! First there were two, and now there are THREE! Echoing the sentiments of other commenters, I checked the site at least three times this morning and decided to wait to check a fourth time until now in order to relearn the lesson of "watched pots" and their boiling. We couldn't have imagined a better reward than the words and pictures you've shared from the First Day of Mae. Better still, now you three have official confirmation that supportive friends and family were cheering and checking in from around the world all day.

  24. Absolutely precious! I also saw the pictures your mom sent. I bet you were overflowing with emotions when you got her! Thanks for sharing these special moments and feelings with us! I had no idea what families went through or experienced on these "gotcha days." Now I have an idea :)

    God Bless your family!


  25. I have come back to look at the pics numerous times today. You guys, she is just B E A U T I F U L !!!! I think I am in love with her. :) You can tell even in the photos that she is a sweet girl, inquisitive, and happy. I love her expressions in these photos. I love to see her little foot poking out from under the bib. I am so glad everything went so smoothly on that first day. I am sure you are up by now and getting into day two. I cannot wait to see some pics in those adorable outfits you have for her.

    Love you so much,

  26. I'm so excited for All of you. I was up most of the night wondering what you must be doing at that moment. I was just too excited foryou to sleep. I took my computer to work but could not get on their network so I lnly had my phone to look at but I have down loaded all the pictures and have them on my work computer.I
    I know you are beside yourselves. I can't believe I'm a Great Aunt, it doesn't seem long since Kristen was born. My sis is now a Grandmother and I'm so excited. Mae is so very beautiful. I (of course) cried looking at each and every picture. Please give Mae a Big Hug and Kiss from her Aunt Carol and tell her how much I love her.
    Hurry home, I can't wait to hold and give her a Big kiss.
    Love and prayers for All of you,
    Aunt Carol

  27. I am excited for you and your family! Thank you for sharing the first pics of your family! Also, for raising awareness for adoption .. providing a warm and loving environment to one of many children in need. By the looks of the comments, you have plenty of friends/family waiting to help you adjust back home. We pray for safe travels.

    -- Andrew.

  28. Oh, I'm so behind! Congratulations! She is adorable. So happy and excited for your family.


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