22 June, 2013

Another Garage Sale

This morning came early! We had one last garage sale... This time we switched locations to my parent's house. I had expectations to make maybe $250 today.  I just wanted to make as much as we could but didn't want to have much of anything left over. None of our items were big... But somehow to my amazement we made $640 today.  Honestly, I don't see how.  We had a whole lot of $1 item sales and I think the Lord just multiplied our money (: 

So once again we worked hard, had fun together and we met a ton of terrific folks. My other goal was accomplished too... when we looked around at the end of the sale we hardly had anything at all left.  So tonight I am a little emotional in saying thank you Jesus for bringing the people into my life that donated all the items, my family that worked so hard for us, and bringing all the people down the driveway today.  I got the opportunity to talk about Ian and Jovie a lot today.  It was so good. 

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