01 June, 2013

Patio Camping

So last night our family camped out Lekberg style... on the back patio.  It was a perfect night for camping.  Cody and I told Mae earlier in the week that we would be camping out and this child was overly excited. (First time ever camping.)  I may not have ever seen her so giddy come to think of it.  While we were setting up the tent she was running upstairs to her room to get all her stuffed animals and blankets.  She came down with her arms full and squealing from pure joy. Once we got the tent set up she got herself all snugly. 
She is SO CUTE!

So my favorite part of camping is the fire and yummy delicious s'mores.  Mae loved roasting her marshmallow but didn't like the sticky that got on her hands and cheek. She hardly ate any of hers... which was surprising.  But you'd never guess it; she was bouncing off the walls.  We put Mae in the bed in the tent probably after 9 and she was talking or singing nonstop until 10:45.  That's when Cody and I just decided to take her up to her bed so she could finally fall asleep.  She protested leaving the tent but was asleep in minutes in her own bed. So, that's why the Lekbergs camp on the patio; it's perfect for 3 year old campers (: 
  • We had a very fun and memorable night.

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