03 June, 2013

Monday Funday :: Magazine Beads

recycled magazine beads
So to get into the summer spirit, this morning Mae and I crafted!  We started doing practice school work since she got out of school in the mornings... but who feels like work on Mondays?? So bead making it is. (:

DYI kid's craft

 Here's what you need to make your own: 

  1. scissors —optional (I was hoping we could do some cutting practice but Mae doesn't quite have enough control yet). 
  2.  straws 
  3.  Elmer's
  4. old magazine
Look for nice bright colorful pages in your magazine. 
1:: You take the page and rip it or cut it— you want one side to end up wider and go to skinny.  
The smaller the strip the smaller the bead. 
DYI kid's craft
2 :: I added a little bit of water to our glue so it would be easier to paint with.  
3 :: Figure out which side is more colorful side and add glue to the other side. 
4 :: Then wrap it around your straw, starting at the wider side. (Mae needed a little bit of help wrapping it tightly but she loved this.)  Just look at all of our beads!! 
5 :: Now they have to dry completely... we were impatient and used the hairdryer to help speed things up.

DYI kid's craft
6 :: Some of the beads slide right off... but the ones that don't you can just cut them and leave the straw in the middle. 
DYI kid's craft
 Now we were set to make the necklace.  
7 :: Tie a knot on the end.
DYI kid's craft
 8 :: String them on!! And of course sing while you work. (:
DYI kid's craft
Any ENJOY! Don't you want to make one now?? 
Mae sure loves hers; she is very proud she made it. 


  1. Thanks for posting this craft idea. I am working in an orphanage in the Philippines and I look forward to trying this project with our kids!

    1. Mindi, It means so much to hear this! I love that you wrote to tell me. I hope your kids have fun doing this. I would LOVE to see your pictures!!

  2. Kristen, try these scissors for Mae. Jackson's OT says that most children their age have a tough time with traditional kids scissors. And when you use them remind her to keep her "thumb to the sun" so she holds them correctly. Jackson loves them and feels much more confident when cutting.


    I'm headed to SchoolBox soon to do some laminating, let me know if you want me to pick you up a pair. :)

  3. That is a great tip! Yes please! I'd love for Mae to have a pair. Let me know when you go. Thank you!


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