17 June, 2013

Father's Day

One of the most precious gifts of my marriage is seeing Cody as a father.  I love the moments when I can eavesdrop on Cody and Mae having tea parties or playing dolls and yes, my big strong, manly husband even talks for his doll in a high pitched voice. I am amazed by his patience with Mae, when each project he does she asks to help... and inevitably slows him down. I asked Cody last night what sentimental thing does he hold dearest, and to my amazement he said it was the projects that he and Mae build at Home Depot. This is something I want Mae to know one day. I knew from the moment in China that Cody had this little girl in his arms that she would have him wrapped around her little pinky forever. I love watching him melt when she comes running to him. Her daddy loves her with a passion. Ever since we began this adoption process Cody and I have been one in our decisions, shared the same joys and the same heartache. I have been blessed immeasurably to have my best friend to share in this beautiful adventure. To our children: your daddy is a man who will always stand by his family, take care of you, pray for you, fight for you, love you unconditionally, and treasure every day with you. 

Here's a sweet video celebrating daddy...
here's Mae's answers for the questionnaire,
  • My favorite thing to do with my daddy is: make tent
  • My daddy is the best at: laugh
  • What i love most about my daddy is: kiss 
  • My daddy always says: goodbye
  • I make my daddy happy when: I stomp
  • My daddy makes me laugh when: play shadow puppets
  • If i could give my daddy any present in the world, i would give him: mac 'n cheese

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