24 June, 2013

Monday Funday :: Paper Globe

 I found this neat little paper globe available for download here: La Paper Globe
You can go there and print your own and put it together. 

Today's project involved an X-acto knife so this was more for me than for Mae.  She did enjoy the end product though, and it's a great learning tool. I highlighted China in pink and the US in green.

  • I used an X-acto knife, cutting mat, ruler, a bone folder, and glue —There are full instructions on the site
I chose to make my globe the easy way and only printed the first 4 pages.  The original design makes an inner skeleton that would make this globe super strong. I printed ours on thicker 100# paper and after gluing it all I feel like ours is plenty strong. 
As soon as Mae saw the finished globe she immediately started telling me where she thought Ian and Jovie were and how we were going to fly to get them.  She is ready to meet her brother and sister!!

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