10 June, 2013

Monday Funday :: Paint with Bubbles

 This little project was tons of fun!! 
All you need is:
  1. Water
  2. bowls (round work best with your round bubble)
  3. paint (tempera paint or acrylic paint worked well too)
  4. dish soap (we used dawn)
  5. paper (preferably water color paper)
  6. straws


Just blow into your bowls to create loads of bubbles (this is fun all by itself) and then gently place your paper on top of the bubbles.  Your paper may pop the bubbles or you may lift it off and then pop them.  The result of the popped bubbles is this awesome pattern on your paper.  If you try it and your bubbles are too faint, just keep adding more paint until you get the color you want.

We found that the bigger bubbles didn't work as well as the medium to small bubbles.  I guess the smaller bubbles hold more paint.

Mae loves bubbles (what kid doesn't, right?) so she especially loved this project.  
This would make a beautiful card don't you think? 

Please let me know if you try it with your kids!
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